Related projects

Related projects

Griffith University has undertaken a wide range of climate change, adaptation, Pacific, community-based research projects. Many of these are captured under the Griffith Climate Change Response Program website. Two projects also working on Tanna Island Vanuatu are the Rebuilding a Resilient Enkatalie (safehouses) project and the international Primary Forests consortium detailed below.


Rebuilding Resilient Communities after Disasters

The project is a collaboration between the Tafea Provincial Government, the Tasol Land Management Committee, Nevhouse, Green NRG Co and Griffith University. The houses are designed to withstand category 5 cyclones, and include a mini-power system developed by Green NRG Co that runs on solar energy.

Global primary forest protection

The world’s remaining primary forests – those still dominated by natural processes, where industrial land use has yet to impact – are irreplaceable sanctuaries for much of the world’s biodiversity, play a significant role in global climate, and support the sustainable livelihoods of their indigenous custodians.

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Griffith Climate Action Beacon

The next 10 years offers a critical window for Australia, and indeed all countries, to accelerate the transition to a net zero emissions economy and build capacity for a climate resilient future. Driven by this imperative, the Griffith Climate Action Beacon was established–a focal point bringing together a team of experts and partners that cross disciplinary boundaries to address this critical societal problem.

Renewable energy sources

Whales in a changing climate

Many whale populations are recovering following over-exploitation by the whaling industry but climate change is now threatening this recovery. This research project is looking at developing adaptation scenarios for advancing whale conservation policies and programs. The project will also lead to improved understanding of the role whales might play as carbon sinks and thus climate engineers, and their role as ecosystem engineers contributing to ocean productivity.

A humpback whale off the coast of Australia's Gold Coast

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