More about Pacific EcoAdapt

Meet the team


The Pacific EcoAdapt researchers are a multidisciplinary team of world class scientists, engineers, social scientists and practitioners generating new knowledge about climate change in the Pacific.

Engagement activities

Pacific EcoAdapt has undertaken diverse activities to maximise collaboration with Pacific Island communities and government stakeholders to integrate research outcomes into practice and support long-term sustainable change. Strategies including co-design of research and community dialogues, providing education and training opportunities  and translating research outputs into policy support.

Research publications

The Pacific EcoAdapt Program has produced more than twenty different publications across a range of fields including ecosystem assessments, systems dynamics modelling, benefit-cost analysis of adaptation options, analysis of community perspectives on natural resource management, and more.  Explore the leading edge research produced by the Pacific EcoAdapt Program in the link below.

Pacific EcoAdapt