Prof. Brendan Mackey

Brendan Mackey

Brendan Mackey

Project Director

Professor Brendan Mackey is Director of the Griffith Climate Action Beacon, Griffith Climate Change Response Program, and the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility at Griffith University. He has a PhD in ecology from The Australian National University.

The primary foci of Professor Mackey's current research are:

  • climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • science-based policy for climate change, conservation and sustainable development
  • the application of decision support systems to environmental problems.

He has special expertise in climate change, forest ecosystems, biodiversity conservation and terrestrial carbon dynamic and has expertise in the application of Geographical Information System, remote sensing and environmental modelling to problems of environment and climate change.

Professor Mackey is the lead on a number of externally-funded research projects, including:

  • research projects in the Pacific about ecosystem based adaptation
  • information systems and decision support for adaptation research projects
  • primary forests and climate change research projects
  • whales in a changing climate

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