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Ecosystem based adaptation MOOC

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Through the EcoAdapt project Griffith University has contributed towards a mass open online course (MOOC): Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Working with nature to adapt to a changing climate.

Estimating nature’s value to Pacific islands

Rural communities in Pacific small island developing states (SIDS), which rely directly and acutely on nature’s goods and services for food and material, face a range of interlinking threats to their management of natural resources. These threats are exacerbated by climate change related risks and occur against the backdrop of rapid social and economic transition.

Mapping long-term coral reef ecosystems regime shifts

Coral reefs are among the most fragile ecosystems that provide essential services to local island communities. It is known that climate change impacts are the leading factors in coral reefs regime shift. Naturally, exploring the characteristics and interactions shaping regime shifts of coral reefs are critical in managing system pressures; enhancing resilience; aiding their regeneration and recovery process, and restoring habitat complexity.

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