Ecosystem based adaptation MOOC

MOOC screen shot

Through the EcoAdapt project Griffith University has contributed towards a mass open online course (MOOC): Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Working with nature to adapt to a changing climate.

The MOOC has been developed through a partnership between GIZ, IUCN, and IISD and seeks to equip learners with transferable and replicable skills in designing and implementing Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbAEbA Ecosystem-based adaptation - an adaptation approach to climate- and environmental-change which primarily deploys ecosystems and ecosystem functions to mitigate risks from hazards.) initiatives by offering targeted training on key principles, risk assessments, monitoring, and governance.

Griffith University contributed towards a section on how to prioritise EbA projects using ecosystem service valuation and was based on original research for the EcoAdapt project.

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