Ecosystem-based Adaptation is an approach not just an option

Coastal mangroves can provide nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation

Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbAEbA Ecosystem-based adaptation - an adaptation approach to climate- and environmental-change which primarily deploys ecosystems and ecosystem functions to mitigate risks from hazards.) harnesses biodiversity and the services provided by ecosystems to support communities adapting to a changing climate.  EbA has been widely applied throughout the world as one of many adaptation options but considering it as an isolated project or option to be implemented limits its application. 

Indeed, the inherent systems thinking that underpins EbA, represents a much broader way of exploring adaptation which is relevant to a broad suite of intervention entry points ranging from the protection of assets to ecosystem management and community well-being. This policy brief explores our philosophy of applying EbA as a comprehensive approach to climate change adaptation, rather than as a single option for consideration.

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