Community training for renewables – rebuilding a resilient Enkatalie

The ‘Re-Building a Climate Resilient Enkatalie’ project emerged in response to the devastating impacts of Cyclone Pam in 2015 on the rural communities of Tanna island, Vanuatu.  The project aimed to support rebuilding efforts in the region through providing 'safehouses' - cyclone-proof community buildings with small-scale solar power systems, providing electricity for the communities for the first time.  Griffith University was asked to provide independent monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for the project, with particular attention to issues such as functionality of the buildings and how the buildings are being accessed and used within the community, functionality of the small-scale solar systems and use of electricity by the communities, and the social and economic impacts of the project in the communities.

In November 2019, Griffith researcher and community engagement specialist Melissa Jackson and project director, Brendan Mackey, together with local leader Mr Alan Dan, delivered a specially designed basic training module in English, Bislama and local languages over two days in and around the community buildings. Forty-five community members attended and received certificates of participation.

Find out more about the Rebuilding a Resilient Enkatalie Project and Griffith researchers role in building community.

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